Will you be my friend? A short question of a superstar of pop and an incredible dream came true for a little boy from Munich, Germany. This little boy was Michael Jacobshagen and now, many years later, he shares these fantastic experiences with us. His pictures and stories about that time, joining privately the King Of Pop on tour, open an incredible view over the life behind the stage.

Working on the official biography in 2003, I also have had the chance to meet Michael Jackson privately many times and to understand what wonderful kind of person he was. I remember a meeting in London, where he saved the life of Julian, one of my sons. A crowd of enthusiastic fans threatened to overrun him. But Michael didn´t care about his personal security; he saved the terrified little boy. Today Julian is a tall man, but he can´t forget this experience. The same feeling had Michael Jacobshagen, remembering his marvelous time with Michael Jackson. Now he gives us the chance to get to know the King Of Pop better with the eyes of a little child.

Enjoy the book!


Christian Marks


Official Michael Jackson Biograf and CEO from the Company X-Media AG