In his childhood and teenager time, Michael Jacobshagen had spent some time on tour together with Michael Jackson in Germany as well as abroad in Europe. In 1995, they got to know in Paris. This was the beginning of a friendship that lasted through the years. When Michael Jackson toured across Europe in 1997 on the first leg of the legendary HIStory Tour, he invited Michael Jacobshagen, at that time 13 years old, regularly to meet with him in several cities where he performed celebrated concerts. In 1998 they spent nearly two weeks together at a time in Munich, where they went shopping and spent a lot of private time in hotel suites and elsewhere. There, they also visited the famous Circus Krone in its German headquarters together. Now, 16 years later, Michael Jacobshagen took the step to talk for the first time in comprehensive and profoundly personal detail about his amazing time with Michael Jackson. He wants other fans to take part in special moments such as how they played hide-and-seek in suites, threw water bombs on the fans singing outside the hotel, went on shopping tours and how they stand firm to their friendship. Michael Jacobshagen have contact with Michael Jackson until his tragic dead 2009.




Michael Jacobshagen ist bei Presse und TV als Interviewpartner gern gesehen. Die Bild-Zeitung etwa hat bereits mehrere Artikel über sein Leben an der Seite von Michael Jackson in ihrer Bundesausgabe veröffentlicht. Ebenso ist Michael Jacobshagen in einem zehnminütigen Fernsehinterview befragt worden, das im Rahmen der bekannten Sendung »RTL Exklusiv« von der namhaften Moderatorin Frauke Ludewig anmoderiert wurde. Außerdem gilt er als vertrauter vieler namhaften internationalen Stars.


Michael Jacobshagen is a favorite at Press and TV as an interview partner. The magazine newspapers, for example, has already published several articles about his life alongside Michael Jackson in her federal edition. Michael Jacobshagen has also been interviewed in a ten-minute TV interview, which has been promoted by the well-known programm "RTL Exklusiv" by the well-known presenter Frauke Ludewig. 



Now Michael Jacobshagen working as a Marketing Manager and Producer  in the Entertainment. 
From Oktober 2016 until Oktober 2017 Michael Jacobshagen is working as the General Manager for Ola Ray from the legendary Michael Jackson Thriller Video.


Michael Jacobshagen is also represented in all media around the world about his close friendship with his mentor Michael Jackson. The two joined a friendship from 1995 until his tragic death in 2009.